Aluminum Die Casting


It is the mission of ADC to meet or exceed our customer's expectations in: quality, delivery, and performance.

While implementing a continuous quality improvement methodology to insure quality and consistency in the 21st century.

Aluminum Die Casting is an AQMS AS9100 Rev D certified company.

Our quality assurance department is staffed by a dedicated team of quality specialists utilizing the latest software and hardware to validate and control all die casting, machining, assembly, and finishing processes to exceed our customer's expectations.

We enjoy continuing relationships with some of the finest companies in the: aerospace, electronics, medical, defense, and military industries which affirms their continuing confidence and faith in Aluminum Die Casting's ongoing performance.

ADC committed to fulfilling all QMS requirements for its interested parties of customers,employees, suppliers and regulators. This includes but is not limited to on-time delivery, fair compensation, honest transactions and the continual improvement of its QMS processes and servcies

ADC's Ethics Policy

ADC will continually strive to create as calm, stress-free, non-confrontational, non-discriminatory, productive and safe work place for all employees, as possible, for the attainment of customer product conformance!

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